Aphrodite's Syrup

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Aphrodite's Syrup


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An Erotic Adventure

This blend is chock-full of traditional aphrodisiac herbs.  This is one of our favorite formulas! Aphrodite's Syrup can be used in coffee, on ice cream, midnight pancakes, or all by itself.

Contains unfiltered Pacific Northwest honey and the following certified organic and respectfully wild harvested herbs: Damiana Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Kola Nut (Contains caffeine), Kava Kava Root, Rosehips, Vanilla Extract & Love.

Contains 5% certified organic grain alcohol by volume.

This product is Gluten-Free.

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2 oz. offered in amber glass bottle. 4 oz. offered in cobalt blue bottle.


Image 5.0 stars out of 5
I have thoroughly enjoyed a dash of this on homemade yogurt, a drizzle on pancakes or a wee bit on sauteed peaches. Absolutely thrilled to be able to have something via this company too.
Reviewed Wed, Oct 03 2012 1:20 pm by
A blend of Raspberry Honey, Filtered Water, Damiana, Cinnamon, Kola Nut Powder, Kava Kava, Rosehips, Vanilla Extract & Love. Our most favorite formula, these herbs are all strong natural aphrodisiacs.


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