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Herbal Salve | Double Duty Disinfectant Salve
Herbal Salve | Double Duty Disinfectant Salve Herbal Salve | Double Duty Disinfectant Salve

Double Duty Salve

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For slow healing cuts and wounds, bee stings, insect bites, pimples, cold sores, boils, splinters and swelling. This salve inhibits infection, inflammation and promotes healing. Protective and antiseptic, apply when you need the Double Duty action. Contains certified organic Olive Oil, Beeswax and the following certified organic and respectfully wild harvested herbs, also available in liquid herbal extracts. Goldenseal, Chaparral, Myrrh, Propolis & Cayenne.

Customer Reviews:

Foot Ulcers  

I got this little jar of Double Duty salve from the Oregon Country Fair and it is doing MIRACLES! Thank you for finally helping me heal after almost 7 years of bad foot ulcers! Finally it will be over soon! Thank you!!!!!

-- Jeanna
Love your salves  
I love your Injure Aid Salve and your Double Duty drawing and disinfecting salve. I use the DDDS on my daughter who has moisture issues around her bottom and develops pustules as a result. I put the DDDS on these little bumps and they are gone within a day or two whereas other drug store items I would use would do nothing or make the bumps worse. THANK YOU!!!! -- Angela
Double Duty  
Double Duty is wonderful for injuries of any type. I started using Double Duty to get rid of benign moles on my face (30 have disappeared) with application. My mother-in-law kept asking me what lotion I used-then it hit me, 53 no wrinkles,double duty took very good care of my skin...Started off medical also had cosmetic value...I also use it when anyone in my family has warts, even succeeded where doctors couldn't get rid of them! Thank you for your wonderful products they have added to the quality of my life! -- Barbara
Great for moles.  

Have used this for facial moles for years now and they just disappear. Saved tons of money not needing a doctor. Great for infections too!

-- Barbara
Double Duty Salve  

I use Double Duty salve on cysts that I get. Mostly pilondial cysts. It works wonders! It causes the cyst to drain so I don't have to go to the doctor and get it lanced or have surgery to fix it. My husband also used it on an insect bite and it cleared it up and drained all excess fluid.

-- Jennifer
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