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Herbal  Syrup - 'Root it Away' Osha Syrup
Herbal  Syrup - 'Root it Away' Osha Syrup Herbal  Syrup - 'Root it Away' Osha Syrup
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'Root it Away'  Osha Syrup

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Soothing Lung Support
This is our most potent & fast acting herbal syrup!  Designed to cut through the thickest phlegm and get right to work. Sure to be a favorite! Can be taken alone or in tea as needed.

Contains unfiltered Pacific Northwest honey and the following certified organic and respectfully wild harvested herbs: Elecampane Root, Osha Root, Marshmallow Root, Horehound Leaf, Mullein Leaf and Fennel Seed.
Contains 5% certified organic grain alcohol by volume.

This product is Gluten-Free.

Customer Reviews:

Cough Syrup is amazing!  

I ordered "Root It Away" Osha Syrup and just wanted to let you know that this stuff is a miracle from God. This is the absolute best stuff for cough and sore throat I have ever had. The formula you are using is perfect. Thank you!

-- Lorena
Great Cough Syrup  
I bought a bottle of "Root It Away" syrup and tasted it today because I have a cold. WOW what a delicious great syrup :) Fantastic, thank you very much for making such a great product. -- L. Michels
Thank you!  

I learned about your company from a wonderful friend of mine who has nothing but good things to say about your products. I had a terrible cough and she fed me your Osha Syrup. My cough was gone within three days. I have been using Super Immune since.

-- Lynn
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